1999 Shell Lola XD Specific Spares

The following items are only available in conjunction with the sale of a car.

I managed to track down the Hogan gearbox bits that were sold at auction and purchased four new 1st/2nd lay shafts,  one new bevel gear set,  final drives and gear sets that I normally uses.  In addition there are a good number of used sets with many hours left on them.  I have run the 99 for three years and have only replaced the lay shafts and bevel gear set once.  I normally crack test all the gear sets along with everything else in the box and the box itself each season.  Any gears that fail crack testing or visual inspection throughout the year are normally replaced with new Emco units.  I run the same gear ratios at all tracks with the exception of a slightly taller sixth gear at Road America.

There are three painted front noses two of which have main planes and flaps.  I had my carbon guy build a mold for the front wing end fences that have integrated carbon front wheel fairings (a Ganassi trick).  There is one complete assembled rear wing spare and the separate bits to build a second.  The rear wing end plates are also fabricated by my carbon guy and I have molds for both the front and rear wing end plates.

I have two sets of spare radiators for the 99.  These could be used but really should be sent off and have new cores installed.

There are two completely assembled and ready to go front uprights in addition to several rear gearbox covers.



Multiple Spare 1st/2nd Lay Shafts

Four New 1st/2nd Lay Shaft and Gear Sets

One New Bevel Gear Set, One New and One Spare Final Drive LayShaft

Fabricated from carbon with integral wheel fairing

The 99 rear wing support plates are new