Dear Bill


After returning from USA to Australia, I would just like to send this short note of appreciation.


I stumbled across Extra 300L, N269SG on the internet recently, whilst I was searching for a 300L. My first contact was via email and you response was not only prompt, but also very attentive to my questions. From these phone calls, I decided to travel the 9600miles to Florida from Australia to inspect the 300L.


When I arrived in Florida to inspect Extra 300L, N269SG, I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. The detailed description and photos given on the internet and from my phone conversations with you, I found the aircraft to exactly and accurately matched what you described. You were entirely open and accommodating to my many questions and comments.


You made the decision to purchase N269SG very easy, as I had no surprises from your representation and presentation of the aircraft.


I enjoyed the time spent with you, which not only encompassed my inspection of N269SG, but also learning more about Florida lifestyle, which I did very much enjoy.


It was a pleasure dealing with yourself and your mechanic and once again thankyou for your generous sharing of your time to accommodate my inspection/purchase process.


I would not hesitate to highly recommend my dealings with you and to anyone else who might want to do the same. I am available for anyone to contact me, should they wish further information on my pleasant experience.


Kind Regards

Lars Larson.