August 9, 2011 MX2 SN12 Progress Visit

Part of the visit was purely a desire to see the plane in process and part was needed to get factory training.  The guys at MX are hammering away on SN12 and making a lot of progress.  All major flight surfaces are closed up and they are working hard to get the fuselage finished.

I was particularly interested to see how the vertical stabilizer was built and was happy to see that they had the ribs in and were just fitting the vertical skins when I visited.

In addition to seeing her, I also got a chance to get proper factory training for the bonding operations.  I've used Hysol dozens of times but this time I prepared, mixed, applied and attached components on my MX2 under factory supervision.  To date, MX has used an outside vendor to lay up the various carbon skins, ribs and spars that are the piece parts used to assemble an MX2.  If I need bits in the future, I would simply purchase these items from MX.  My primary interest was in getting proper factory training  for bonding the bits in support of my repairman's certificate for MX2 SN12.  This, or an A&P, is required for doing the yearly condition inspections which are equivalent to an Annual in the certified world.