MX2 SN12 Documentation

Weight and Balance Calculations for All Operating Conditions

Wheel Weights and Supporting Calculations from October 24, 2012

Pilot No Fuel    Pilot  Acro Fuel    Pilot Full Fuel    Two Up No Fuel    Two Up Acro Fuel    Two Up Full Fuel 

Amateur-Built Aircraft Fabrication and Assembly Checklist (2009) (Fixed-wing) which is found as appendix 8 of Advisory Circular (AC) 20-27G  Page1, Page2, Page3, Page4, Page5, Page6, Page7, Page8, Page9

Eligibility Statement Amateur-Built Aircraft

8130-6  Application for U.S. Airworthiness Certificate

Program Letter

FAA Form 8050-3 (Aircraft Registration)


WHR Sales LLC documents  Original LLC Filing  Amendment adding William Hart as MGRM   2012 Annual Report


Cockpit Schematic        Firewall Forward Schematic


N44DK MX2 SN12 was issued a Special Airworthiness Certificate today (7/2/2012) in the EAB category. 

Registration and Airworthiness

Operating Limitations Pg1 Pg2 Pg3 Pg4 Pg5 Pg6 Pg7(map)