July 2012

N44DK got its Airworthiness in Experimental Amateur Built on July 2, 2012.  I feel like I've announced another child coming into this world.

Now starts the fun part.  It is time to "de-weed" the plane.  I've spent all week wrapping up little things, fixing oil leaks, finishing up baffling and putting on the myriad of little panels that cover up everything on the plane.  The plane is run daily to work through everything from mixture to Dynon's need for more resistance in the P lead pickups to get a steady rpm signal.  I've got to pull the flipping fuel tank to get to the EMS harness and spice in another resistor (20K??).  Hopefully this will calm the tach signal down.  It will probably be another week before all is done, checked twice and the high speed taxi work is done.  Then it will be ready to fly.

I did run it up to 45-50% power today and it lifted the tail even with full up elevator.  This thing is an animal which is no surprise at 1150 pounds and 300 hp.

July 11, 2012 marked the first flight of  N44DK at 8 am.  The flight went off without a hitch from an engine and airframe standpoint.  The flight lasted half an hour and consisted of climbing out over the airport, confirming all was well with the engine then doing slow flight and stalls before coming back for a three point landing.  I am now working through my squawk list which contains everything from high #1 CHT through radio/intercom set up.