Mid June Starting the Documentation Work

The engine is hung and I'm working on finishing the baffling, testing the EFIS engine data and readying for firing up the engine for the first time on the plane.  It's time to take care of all the little things like placards, log books, weight and balance and overall documentation.

I've started generating the paperwork for applying for an Airworthiness Certificate.  One of the most interesting pieces is the Amateur-Built Aircraft Fabrication and Assembly Checklist (2009) (Fixed-wing) which is found as appendix 8 of Advisory Circular (AC) 20-27G.  This checklist is used with guidance from the Amateur-Built Fabrication and Assembly Checklist (2009) Job Aid which was published August 25, 2011 by the Production and Airworthiness Division of the FAA.  This document provides specific details for completion of the Checklist in addition to adding and removing a few of the checklist items.  The following is my checklist completed per the Job Aid complete with updated checklist items.

Checklist Page1, Page2, Page3, Page4, Page5, Page6, Page7, Page8, Page9

It becomes very clear just how simple fully composite aircraft are from a parts count when compared to metal framed aircraft when you look at all the Not Applicable or NAs on so many of the checklist items.  For example, the wing consists of spars, ribs and skins all glued together.

The Checklist accompanies the Eligibility Statement Amateur-Built Aircraft which is the notarized statement by the builder that he/she in fact actually did the work they claim to have done on the Checklist.

Lastly, there is 8130-6, the Application for U.S. Airworthiness Certificate which I have filled out requesting Experimental Amateur Built.  Page 2 does not have any fields completed and thus is omitted here.