Hi Bill, most interested to read your article on the BOSS Formula.

I would like to correct you on a point or so.

I created BOSS Formula in 1994. BOSS stood for Britsh Open Single Seaters, but prior to our first race at Silverstone in June 1995, the powers that be, The Royal Automobile Club, decreed that we were not allowed to use the words British, International or European etc without being a FIA approved Championship. My BOSS Formula has always been anti-establishment, and this was why it became so !  Big Open Single Seaters it became in May 1995. In 1997 we had a new team enter BOSS Formula, one of the drivers being the owner of European Aviation, Paul Stoddart.  I quickly did a deal with him to sponsor the series, and the European BOSS Formula championship was created. And the Royal Automobile Club could not stop us using the word European because it was a trading name ! European aviation went on in later years to own the Minardi Grand Prix Team, which they still do to this day. We still have permission to use the word European, however our competitors soon shortened the name to EuroBOSS, made a nice logo on our shirts etc. The parent company  still owned by me is BOSS Formula.

In the late ‘90s I was made aware of some libre races in the USA being run under the BOSS banner. I made no objection to this, thinking that it was a kind of compliment. Also anything that helps the value  of these fantastic cars by creating a bigger market place, just has to be good. Also someone bought a load of Arrows/Footworks and started  ‘Formula Won’ in the USA ( I sent them a set of our regs to try to encourage some similarity in the rules). I have also heard that Ed Zwart HSR west is running races, as is Jack Lewis HSR East. Apparently Skip Cummings is sponsoring a series this year also.

I think it important that all parts of the world running BOSS Formula run the same basic rules. This would keep the values up. Over here for instance we would not run small formula cars in our races, and I know that in the USA you have. All races must be for ‘BIG OPEN SINGLE SEATERS’

I would like to offer my consultancy to all interested parties in the USA, and have one set of rules for everyone.

Champ cars and IRL cars of any age are very important to BOSS Formula. For the public and the media ‘F1 verses Indy’ is what they want to see. We have the ex Herta 1999 Reynard Cosworth running, a 1989 Lola Buick, and for next year 2 IRL cars from Germany.


So I am obviously irritated that you suggest BOSS was started by HSR, please add ‘in the USA’ if that is true or remove it.


We have had over 70 races in the last 8 years. BOSS holds 16 outright circuit lap records. Races have been held in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France,  Ireland, and the Netherlands. Drivers have gone on to race in the Le Mans 24 hours, International F3000  etc.

Do look at our website   euroboss2003.com  which I hope you find informative. Don’t forget to turn the volume up !


I have a client interested in buying a ChampCar, may I offer him your selection, and if he shows interest I will have more questions for you. What area of the USA are you


Very best regards

Roger Cowman