Generic Spares for both the 1999 and 1996 Lola XD

The following items are only available in conjunction with the sale of a car.

The following items can be used with either the 99 or 96 Lola chassis.

I've posted pictures of my working gear list but have no intention of reproducing that list on this site at this time.  The clutch is the same for both cars.  The final drive ring gear and differentials can be used in either car.  Most of the differentials I have are externally adjustable.  There is also a large number of gearbox spares including bearings, reverse gear sets, shift drums, forks, rods and the like.

When teams made the move from Brembo to Performance Friction it left a lot of very nice new rotors and brake pads about.  I have enough rotors and pads to run both cars for over five full seasons.

There is a freshly crack tested and painted front and rear rim along with a rear that needs crack testing and painting.  This is in addition to the three complete wheel sets that I cycle on the car.

The third spring equipment covers both the 96 and 99 chassis.

The remainder is all the myriad of spares you'd want to run the cars.  Please see the pictures for details.



Drive Flanges

Final Drive Ring Gears

Gearbox Bearings

Shift Forks, Drums, Shafts and the like

3rd spring bits

Brake Masters

Carbon Brake Bits

Fuel Pumps and Flanges

Turbo Centers

Rack and Sway Bars

Tripod Boots

Turbo Housings

Waste Gate Rebuild Bits

Wheel Nuts and Engine Mounts