Tesla Model S Performance 85 Silver/Grey/Dark Grey

The car was ordered around May of 2012 and delivered early February 2013 as a Model Year 2013.

There are no dents, dings or scratches on the car or wheels.  There has been no touch up or paint work of any kind.

Options - Performance Package, Grey Leather, Obeche Wood,  85KWh/Hr battery, rear spoiler, 21" rims with Michelin Pilot Sports (one of only a few shipped with Pilots),  multi-coat Silver Paint, twin chargers (charges at 60 miles/hour at home instead of 30), Premium Sound, Tech Package.

The car DOES NOT have the Piano Roof or Rear Facing Child Seats.

The junk you see on the rear rotors is from freshly washing the car.  The rotors will get an instant surface rust layer on them after getting wet.  I drove it around the block to knock it off and succeeded on the front rotors but did not brake hard enough to get the rear rotors clean.

The car is offered as I would like to replace it with a Red/Tan Performance Plus Model S.  These two options were not available when I initially ordered the car about this time last year (March 2012).  If it does not find a home I will simply wait for the Performance Plus parts to become available an install them.