Miscellaneous Ramblings


I've been contacted by a lot of people following the end of ChampCar to discuss different car options.  A lot of people have expressed interest in the later Lolas. 
I thought I wanted one of 2000 to 2006 Lola chassis.  I spoke with a few teams and talked with Cosworth at length and just can not bring myself to buy one.  The cars probably offer better mechanical grip but would not necessarily have better areo (smaller tunnels).  The XFe is 150 hp down on the XD and is significantly more expensive to buy and run.  If you add a $20K roller (a very good deal if you can find it) to an $85K engine you are already over $100K.  You get there before you deal with dampers, data acquisition and going through the car to make sure it is right.  When you are all done, you have a car that is slower than a 90s car and is arguably a spec series racer.  These are only my thoughts and you can read more at-
My thoughts on the 2000 to 2006 Lola chassis that have come on the market.
A note for our friends running Atlantics.