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I was talking to a friend who knows my cars and has watched them run over the years. I was amazed to learn that he thought I was running Motec fuel controls on the Cosowrth XDs. I have always run the correct original Cosworth fuel control on all my Cosworth motors (XB and XD). I am particularly fond of the one used for the XDs (same one used for the XF and IRL programs) as it has fantastic boost control.

This 1999 Lola ChampCar was run by Payton/Coyne Racing and driven by Michel Jourdain Jr. to lackluster results.  It started life as one of the notoriously non-competitive 1997s and was subsequently updated to the full competitive 1999 specification.  The updates include complete aero and rear suspension.  The car is currently run in Shell livery as I think it is one of the most attractive color schemes run on a modern ChampCar.

Power is provided by a Cosworth XD while the gearbox is a seven speed sequential.  The car benefits from all of the features of the XD/XF/XFE fuel control including Automatic Boost Control and no lift to shift.  The aero package is based on the specification rear wing with matching front wing.  Top speed is in excess of 190 mph in this configuration.

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