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I was talking to a friend who knows my cars and has watched them run over the years. I was amazed to learn that he thought I was running Motec fuel controls on the Cosowrth XDs. I have always run the correct original Cosworth fuel control on all my Cosworth motors (XB and XD). I am particularly fond of the one used for the XDs (same one used for the XF and IRL programs) as it has fantastic boost control.
In a lot of respects, the Visteon car is the best car in my inventory.  It is a one season car with Patrick Racing which means it was very well taken care of by a well funded team.  It has the latest engine available from Cosworth (the XD) with the best fuel control (the Cosworth XF/Indy unit) and the largest tunnels (the 96 chassis).  This car has yet to be fired up and thus it has not turned a wheel since Fontana in 1996!  It is the best of all worlds for condition, power and aerodynamics!
This 1996 Lola IndyCar was campaigned by Patrick Racing and driven by Scott Pruett.  1996 was the second and last year Firestone sponsored the number 20 Patrick entry.  The car originally ran the Firestone livery with several podium finishes in 1996 and was subsequently changed to Visteon livery for use as a show car.
The car is currently in restoration and will ultimately run in high downforce street course configuration with a seven speed sequential gearbox.  Power will be provided by a 2.65 liter methanol burning Cosworth XD producing in excess of 800 bhp.
The 96 ChampCars represent the best in terms of power (the newer and more powerful XD) and downforce.  1996 was the last year of the ultra high downforce street course wing packages and tunnels just slightly less than the 95.

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