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Food for thought for those looking at buying an Extra-  13DK is a 1500 hour airframe 260 hour (approximately) total time engine and propeller aircraft.  I fly this plane regularly so times will change.  With a very  nice paint job, it would out show and out perform all the newer 300Ls I see advertised for $100K less and have less time on the engine and propeller!  This makes for good value.  In addition, you can pick the exact paint scheme you want on your Extra.........

The pictures below are of  N13DK which was the first low wing Extra 300L delivered in the US (SN #2).  She is an absolute joy to fly!  Thanks to Dagmar Kress for bringing her in.

1994 Extra 300L SN 02

1500 hours TT airframe.  The engine and propeller have approximately 318 hours total time with the propeller having 150 or so hours since overhaul (Aug 2002 at 168.4 hours). Please note that the engine pictures are of the correct engine but depict a 6 into 1 exhaust.  The aircraft is offered with the 6 into 2 original exhaust.  The engine does have block heat.

There was an undocumented canopy replacement in the first 900 hours (left unlatched on ground power up and blew it off).  Surface damage was fixed in the normal places (top of right wing near the fuselage and right horizontal stabilizer) along with the new canopy.  This was Walter Extra's first 300L and was delivered with minimal instrumentation and accoutrements (no leather and the like).  As such, it is lean and a good performer.

All current ADs are complied with.  A record of the AD compliance as of last annual can be found here.

All hoses were replaced with Herber silicon hoses 3/11.  The plane is flown daily and would be a very good starting 300L.

Frequently Asked Questions-

  1. Has the tail AD been complied with?  Yes, the work was done by Southern Aerobatics (complied with SB 300-2-95 on 3-2-2008 201.1 hours TTAF).
  2. Is it a soft crank engine (subject to the Lycoming soft crankshaft AD Mandatory Service Bulletin 569A)?  No, the AD is not applicable by engine serial number and manufacture date (L-25731-48A is not on the list and the engine was produced prior to January 1, 1997 per MSB 569A Supplement No. 1)..
  3. How many owners have there been?  I believe I am the forth.
  4. Is there any damage history?  There was an undocumented canopy replacement at some point in the first 950 hours..
  5. Am I a dealer?  No. 

What a previous buyer had to say.....

I'm working on compiling the complete log book set online.  This page currently has the most receint activity and will be completed as time allows.

This plane is offered at $204,000 or better offer.  Seller has another aircraft for sale and reserves the right to withdraw this aircraft should the other sell.

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