2012 MX2 SN12

This plane was built from July 2011 through ongoing Phase 1 flight testing today (end of July, 2012).  All structural elements were completed my MX Aircraft in North Carolina.  The plane is currently undergoing Phase 1 flight testing with less than 40 hours on the airframe (10 hours as of July 24th).  Spades are currently being tested and wheel pants will be added in the coming months.

The MX2 was completed and an unlimited duration Special Airworthiness issued as Experimental Amateur Built.  There are no program letter or FAA reporting requirements associated with Experimental Exhibition. (A DAR friend has corrected me on the previous statement.  There is an initial program letter to request a Special C of A for all special airworthiness certificates.  Experimental Exhibition requires an annual program letter be sent to the FAA.  Experimental Amateur Built does not have a yearly program letter requirement.)

Documentation: Airworthiness, Registration, Operating Restrictions Pg1, Pg2, Pg3, Pg4, Pg5, Pg6, Pg7  Weight & Balance (subject to change) and CG Chart

Avionics:  Dynon10" Skyview, Dynon Mode S transponder, Becker CR6201 Comm, AeroLEDs NSP and ELT

Engine: BPA AEIO-540 parallel valve with roller lifters.  The engine was supplied as a kit by Lycoming to BPA who built if for Kirby Chambliss with 10:1 pistons.  It has approximately 335 hours.  I asked Kevin at Sky Dynamics to put it on his dyno before I put it in the plane to check power and crank case vacuum and make sure the motor was healthy.  Here is the Dyno Sheet.

Propeller:  The propeller was an unused spare MT three blade that Red Bull sold when they shut down.  The propeller uses the latest  -25 flat tip blade profile; the full part number is MTV-9-B-C/C198-25.  The propeller was produced in 2008 and currently has approximately ten hours.

I've started some of the performance testing and have posted some results on the Testing and Tuning page.

The plane is offered at $425,000 or better offer.  Seller has two aircraft for sale and reserves the right to withdraw this aircraft should the other sell.

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