N269SG, One Very Nice 160 Hour Extra 300L Now Living in Australia  Home

As of February 2011 she is on her way to Australia.  Please enjoy her Lars!  Here is what Lars had to say about the plane and how it was represented.

The paint on this plane is just phenomenal.  It is truly beautiful.  I asked a long time friend to come over and look at the paint work.  This friend did the paint job on my 99 Lola Shell ChampCar and the work he did was similarly spectacular.  The very first comment from my friend was "someone put a lot of time into this paint".  The finish is perfectly flat which hopefully shows up in these pictures.  I asked one of the people that came to look at the plane if I had misrepresented it in any way and this was his response.

I got some questions about any marks on the landing gear from hard landings so I have added a number of close up shots of the plane including the landing gear.  I found a few small marks on the inside top of the left gear.

Note that the stall switch is inboard on the wing showing that standard (not long range) tanks are installed.  Also, there is no heater option installed.

I just received the invoices from the last annual done at SouthEast Aero (US Extra Importer) in October.  They did quite a bit of paint chip touch up work on the fabric and replaced the numbers.  This amounted to just under $2900 and was cosmetic and not "damage" repair.  SEA also touched up the propeller paint ($320), re-sprayed the wing tip sight ($240) and addressed some other small chips on the plane ($160).  These charges were all included on a seperate invoice from the annual.

The annual covered all the required inspections including injector lines and the new tail spring mounting.  SEA stop drilled some cracks in the exhaust heat shield, replaced the ELT batteries and put new brake disks and pads on.  They noted issues with, but did not replace, the original battery or align the landing gear which was "slightly out of spec. No excessive wear.".

I noticed the slow starting when cold and refusal to turn over when hot.  I replaced the battery and changed the starter from the OEM Sky-Tec to a gear reduction B&C.  The B&C appears on the type certificate equipment list so it was a simple drop/add to change the starter (no STC or PMA documentation required).  I took a good long look inside the fuselage when I had the shell off and it was spotless.  I also put back in the external charger fuse so the external battery trickle charger is now working as well.

Compression test as of October 15, 2010 79/80, 78/80, 78/80, 79/80, 79/80, 79/80.  These numbers were backed up in a pre-buy in February 2011.

I was asked about hours per year the plane was flown.  This is a list of the total time for each annual from the airframe logbook.

This is the current AD compliance list and the Service List depicting due dates for inspections and such.

You can find the complete airframe logbook here, the engine logbook here and the propeller logbook here.  You can find the title search I did before buying the plane here.

The interim Weight and Balance can be found here. Updated with this one.

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Inside of Left Gear

Marks at top of leg.

Left Leg Upper

Marks shown in this shot of the left leg

These (Small) marks are from the forward shoulder harness being placed on the cover between the front and rear seats. This panel can be removed in fifteen minutes.

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