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I love running Indy/ChampCars and want to see the BOSS series flourish so I have a place to play.  It is fantastic that there is a place for mere mortals to run some of the fastest cars on the planet in a safe manner.

I became a BOSS sponsor in 03 in an effort to help the series.  In addition, I've tried to provide people with a source for completed cars at an affordable price.  Anyone can buy a show car for between $20,000 and $30,000 depending upon the car and the number of parts that are still on it.  Most people do not realize what it takes to get the car on the track nor what it will cost.

Cosworth cars are the only viable option.  There are Toyota, Mercedes and Honda cars out there but there is no source for engines.  If you could buy the engine, there are no parts to refresh it and keep it running.  Converting a non-Cosworth car to Cosworth power is also very difficult.  The fuel cell, bulkhead, fuel pump, toilet seat, bell housing, input shaft and exhaust systems are different at a minimum.  In a lot of cases, the lengths of the gearbox and engine covers are also different.  You can dump a lot of money into trying to do a conversion.  You are much better off trying to find an original Cosworth car (Lola or Reynard).  I can not say enough good things about Cosworth and their willingness to support their engines and vintage racing.  They have even gone so far as to cast blocks and heads for the DF just to keep us old car guys going!

When it comes to money, here is a quick outline of the cost of doing a project yourself if you get VERY good deals along the way.  Before you get started, make sure you will fit in the car.  An XB car will consist of $20,000 for a roller, $35,000 for a fresh engine, about $8,000 for an exhaust system and another $5,000 for data acquisition bits.  In an absolute best case, your $68,000 into a car before you look at the quality of the bits on the car or buying the "little" things like differentials, drop gear sets, final drives, radiators, oil/water heat exchangers, brakes, road course suspension, shocks and the like.  For an XD car, you can up that amount by $10,000 for the more expensive engine.  All of this assumes your doing the work yourself.  Paying someone else can add a very healthy chunk of change to the project.  You can quickly get $100,000 into parts alone if you are not careful.

I've tried to address this problem by collecting a bunch of Lola parts, documentation and rollers.  Cleaning out team's warehouses of obsolete parts has allowed me to assemble complete crack tested cars in road course trim for a reasonable amount of money.

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